Switzerland Roads


All photos courtesy Lou Corsaro, taken on the road(s) from Ponte Tresa to Lugano.

Entering Switzerland, at the northern end of Italy SS 233.

Old arrow without context, and framed stop sign (no sense in doing it the inexpensive way), in Ponte Tresa.

To the left is heading back to SS 233 and Italy. To the right is where the rest of the photos will be heading...

The post office is to the left, and this sign was taken from the same spot as the previous one.

Red-yellow is the traditional Swiss way to precede a green light, taking after the British. The yellow diamond marks the road with the right-of-way in case the signals malfunction.

We're so happy to be shuttling you! Heading toward Lugano.

Taken heading toward Italy, with bike paths on either side the reason for the outer stripes. Now, in America, the yellow dashes are in the center, and the white stripes on the outside...

Also heading toward Italy, but farther north, practically still in Lugano.

Lugano, Switzerland; the autostrada/autoroute (depending on language preference) is A2/E35. Notice that the arrows are printed on the lenses, instead of blacking the rest of them out.

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