California Roads - US 395

US 395

The first two signs are on CA 70 EB, and the third is on US 395 NB after it re-enters California, and all are courtesy John Krakoff. Note that the exit number has reset despite the hundreds of miles of US 395 in Southern California - this could create numbering issues as more intersections are upgraded to interchanges. (How do you get from Exit 7 to Exit 8? Drive a couple hundred miles, leave the state...) Also note that it is California's practice to give exit numbers to every interchange on certain highways (such as US 395), no matter how many hundreds of miles between exits may be surface highway.

All remaining photos courtesy Michael Summa, and date from 1983.

Old-style button copy (even old for 1983), on US 395 SB.

US 395 NB just past US 6 in Bishop, near Yosemite National Park.

SB, two hours from Bishop. Los Angeles was once reached via US 66, and now comes via I-15.

Southbound next to Topaz Lake, entering California from Nevada.

CA 36 SB south of Susanville approaching US 395. This is well north of the other photos, after US 395 enters Nevada, passing through Carson City before re-entering California.

Old US 395/66
CA 163, old US 395
Kearny Villa Rd., old US 395

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