California Roads - US 66 - Needles/Park Moabi

Former US 66, Needles and Park Moabi

Looking east from the I-40 EB Exit 139 offramp (W. Park Rd.), the first place to rejoin old 66 since the prior exit (US 95). This old piece of road leads into the old National Trails Highway (US 66) alignment into town. It was bypassed and abandoned when I-40 was constructed, and is old enough (and untouched enough) to still have a white center stripe, from before the color yellow came into national use in the 1970s. Only in the desert can paint be preserved this well for 40 years.

Looking west from there at the path of the old road, which heads straight into what is now I-40 WB in the distance. Obviously, I-40 directly overlaid the old road outside town.

W. Park Rd. NB at the slightly realigned National Trails Highway intersection.

The other end of the old National Trails Hwy. alignment, looking west. This end is more broken up, so you can't even see the fresh pavement that was visible from the offramp above.

There's another old stub at the next interchange to the east, Exit 141. While the modern highway curves to cross I-40 at an angle, the old road went straight and is now cut off by the freeway. Faint traces of paint may be visible, but at late dusk I can't tell for sure.

Looking west along the old stub.

WB and EB signage at I-40 Exit 141. Notice the complete lack of directional information.

Top and bottom of an assembly at J St., which leads to I-40 Exit 142.

After US 95 comes back off I-40 onto old US 66, the two roads fork. The road to the left is made to look as minor as possible, and clearly hasn't been maintained in some time, but this would of course be former 66, EB.

Park Moabi is off I-40 Exit 153, and there's a disconnected segment of US 66 heading both ways just to the north. These photos head west from the exit until the dead-end where the old road curves into what is now I-40 WB. If you want a nice large chunk of the Mother Road, load up your pickup with these big concrete blocks - side benefit of reopening some more of the old road for exploration.

Back east to Park Moabi in the rising sun.

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