California Roads - I-5

I-5 SB north of Violin Summit
 ~ CA 99 SB and I-5/CA 99 SB
I-5 SB, Violin Summit-Los Angeles
I-5 SB, San Clemente-San Diego

I-5 NB, San Diego-Los Angeles
I-5 NB north of Los Angeles
 ~ CA 99 NB and I-5/CA 99 NB

Intersecting streets
Top: Congress St. NW in Old Town San Diego - click for closeup showing "Property State of California" stamp.

Exit 15C (Pershing Dr.) is in the foreground of the first photo, with Exit 15B (CA 94) just behind it, ramps braided together. Exit 15A (Imperial Ave.) is several overpasses south of there, and then Exits 14B and 14A (CA 75, San Diego-Coronado Bridge) are around the curve.

Into Oregon on I-5
Into México on Federal Highway 1
Transverse Ranges - I-5 Non-Roads
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