California Roads - CA 24 - WB

CA 24 westbound

Photos end on the Exit 14 ramp/C-D road. The heavyset bridge is El Curtola Blvd. and straddles rail in the median of CA 24.

Was it that important to green out the word "EXIT"?

The last photo is a stitch that conveniently omits the new (not button copy) Exit 7B advance sign. I've been having issues figuring out what was below Orinda on all these signs.

Based on the ramp/C-D road signs, the only thought I have for what was covered is "Village".

This time, my suspicion is the sign originally just said "Berkeley," since Hayward is the second exit to CA 13 SB and thus not as critical to have in the right tunnel, but it helps to keep all exiting traffic near the exits.

Speaking of right tunnel, I chose the older 1964 tunnel to go through and bring you the pretty decorations. The tunnel on the right is a newcomer in 2013. The two EB bores are the originals from 1937, so once there were 3 tunnels, I assume the center tunnel had two-way traffic and thus you would still have a need to sign traffic into the right tunnel.

Across Hayward Fault to Exit 5B, but only the pull-through sign is button copy. Until completion of the freeway in the late 1960s, CA 24 WB exited here and followed what's now CA 13 NB.

Scenic interludes of the Marin Peninsula, featuring Mt. Tamalpais, and the San Francisco skyline, featuring the western half of the I-80 Bay Bridge.

The last stretch of the CA 24 freeway is I-980, and that has always been the case since it opened in 1985, but oddly CA 24's mileage continues onto 980 so the route ends at mile 2. I bet the left sign originally just had a CA 17 shield on it from prior to I-880's designation, and then the decision was made to sign I-980 as well.

Exit 2 WB is I-580, but Exit 2 EB is M.L.K., Jr. Way, and this is the corresponding WB entrance from that road.

Starting with one mainline sign, the remaining photos are two sets of left/right halves on consecutive gantries on the WB Exit 2 ramp.

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