California Roads - CA 150

CA 150

CA 150 EB curves away from Gobernador Canyon Rd. to cross Rincon Creek for the third time, entering Ventura County for the second time. This one's a keeper, both with CA 150 staying in Ventura and the bridge being original to 1927 (the other two were replaced).

CA 150 EB picks up CA 33 NB (first photo) and drops it back off (last two) entering Ojai.

WB/SB button copy from the east end of the concurrency.

Carne Rd. NB and SB just north of CA 150 in the eastern outskirts of Ojai, then looking west from the old bridge toward the sunset. There are more sunset photos at the Non-Roads link below.

EB at the end of CA 150. Like in Europe, CA 126 is only signed by destination, not direction. Given that California was a pioneer in guide signs in the first place, it's not surprising they looked outside the country for inspiration.

WB at the beginning, in the same fashion.

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