California Roads - CA 126

CA 126

Main St. EB (old US 101 SB) at the western end of CA 126.

Those are the ugliest state highway shields I've ever seen in California button copy.

That's the perfect photo, right there. Okay, maybe not the photo quality, taken back into the rising sun while heading WB, but the juxtaposition of Palm and palm. Maybe it's not perfect. I like it. Leave me alone.

Hallock Dr. is the end of the freeway.

EB button copy taken at sunset while traveling WB. These are the results you'd expect from attempting to do that. I have better sunsets at the Non-Roads link at bottom.

Riding through the fading sun to Fillmore. This is not the only McDonald's in California to retain the original sign. The truss bridges serve a development and are relatively new.

Street signs aren't button copy, but neither are they reflective. If you like these sunset photos, see the Non-Roads link at bottom.

The last photo is on the Exit 12 ramp to CA 150.

The last four photos are on the Victoria Ave. C-D road. The first of them (for NORTH) is reminiscent of the oldest guide sign style used around the nation (such as on New York City's freeway system), between the down arrows and the half-divider in the middle, not to mention the button copy 101 numerals. There's but one flaw here, and that's the absence of mention for CA 1, which is sharing space on the US 101 freeway. That's because CA 1 used to follow Channel Islands Blvd. to Harbor Blvd., meeting 101 north of the end of CA 126 instead of south of it on Oxnard Blvd.

The last three photos are on the Exit 1A ramp to Main St., shared with US 101/CA 1's NB Exit 66 ramp by the time it makes it to Main. The two mainline signs annoy me because they have the white border inset from the edge of the sign for no reason. The MUTCD says not to do it, and Caltrans' historic practice has been not to do it, but there was a certain later generation of signs that ignored history. (California never mixed reflective backgrounds with its button copy, so these signs could have been erected in the late 1990s using the best in 1960s technology.)
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