British Columbia Roads - Quesnel/Fraser River Footbridge

Quesnel and the Fraser River Footbridge

Looking north from downtown Quesnel at the footbridge that keeps the community together. The Moffat Bridge, just to the south, provides the same service for vehicles. Both bridges date to 1928, but while the Moffat Bridge was replaced in 1970, this soldiers on and is now claimed to be the longest wooden truss footbridge in the world. (That's... three qualifiers.)

A few historical artifacts are kept on the east side of the bridge for interested pedestrians. These are riveted boilers from the upper Fraser River's first riverboat, the 1863 S.S. Enterprise.

This is only a replica of a Cornish water wheel and pump, but the replica was dedicated in 1930, so it still counts as being old. The cairn's provenance is obvious from the plaque. I haven't figured out what makes a water wheel Cornish, except that all of the Cornish water wheels seem to be in BC. The Moffat Bridge is in the background of the 2nd photo.

Walking west across the Fraser River. The outer beam of each truss is plated with metal, but the blue colour is only from the darkening evening sky.

A midspan view to the north.

Back east to my car.

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