British Columbia Roads - Knight St., Vancouver

Knight Street, Vancouver

At least in 2013, Knight St. was a gold mine for wooden guide signs. These were on Bridgeport Rd. EB at their interchange.

A cool old WB shield there. Knight St. is an expressway spur off of BC 91 providing an easterly alternative to the crowded Oak St. Bridge (BC 99). No reason it couldn't be BC 91B, the way BC numbers highways.

The SB sign at this exit isn't in the best shape. It was clearly added onto to clarify which airport is reach this way - the only one that matters to most people, but still.

Although I was heading north on Knight St., all the good signs were southbound. And the bad exit sign, which should look like those in the USA ("EXIT" on top, arrow below). This is the last interchange before Knight St. becomes an actual street.

I'm used to fire signals having 3 indications. Vancouver decided they only need two, or else you can consider the fire truck symbol your green light.

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