British Columbia Roads - Kamloops


Faded overhead street sign on Dalhousie Drive.

An older font presents itself on Columbia St. NB. The first one isn't the old provincial standard so it may be a city install.

Facing north on 3rd Ave. at Lansdowne St. in advance of a railway crossing. Pedestrians get a bridge in the middle of the road to cross over the railway, while traffic must cross at grade. This is most convenient during a train crossing, such as in this photo (note the red signal overhead), but requires crossing half the street to get to and from the bridge instead of connecting to a sidewalk. (Pedestrians can also cross at grade when there are no trains in the way.)

Heading north across the 1936 wooden truss Red Bridge, which likely carried BC 5 from its designation in the 1950s until the current Yellowhead Bridge opened in 1967, and then looking east along the South Thompson River. While it's called the Red Bridge, its official name is Government Bridge, and the only thing red about it seems to be the choice of railing paint. This could easily be the Blue or Purple Bridge if desired, or even the Smiley Face Polka Dot Bridge. Who wants the next painting contract?

Looking back south at the Red Bridge from the north shore.

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