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BC 97C

Entering Merritt on BC 97C NB and BC 5A WB; the latter is the pre-Coquihalla Highway alignment of BC 5. I bet the Yellowhead Highway shield was patched over a regular BC 5 shield, since BC's official route log says the Coquihalla should not be posted as the Yellowhead. Of course, BC ignores BC on that one and decided to post Yellowhead 5 in 2011.

Clearly, BC 97C is westbound, and then at the BC 8 split the signs indicate that it turns northbound. This is geographically true, and points up how BC has no loyalty to directional signage. This is a more general Canadian issue - roads are thought of foremost in terms of destination, and directional banners are filled in later. For the record, BC 97C is overall east-west and should be consistently posted as such.

The first sign after the split makes it official.

Why are both of the NB distances patched? I'm unaware of any significant realignment since a mixed-case distance sign could have been posted.

Sure enough, in Logan Lake, BC 97C turns west again, as the newer (2006) designated BC 97D takes off east for BC 5. There is no consistency between the halves of this assembly and nothing meets BC standard. Even the arrows are in the wrong place!

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