British Columbia Roads - BC 97

BC 97

BC 97 is numbered as the extension of US 97, which is notable for having been theoretically numbered in Alaska. AASHTO had conditionally approved it on the theory that the intervening territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories) also adopt that number. Well, only BC went along, like it did with all the other US highways at its border, so US 97 never materialized.

Quesnel and south
 ~ TCH 1 and BC 97/TCH 1

Quesnel to Dawson Creek

North of Dawson Creek (Alaska Hwy.)
 ~ Old 97, Kiskatinaw Rd.

Old speed limit sign on BC 39 NB as it leaves BC 97 toward Mackenzie.

Children routes BC 97C and BC 97D
BC 97 Non-Roads
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