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BC 91A

BC 91A, the Queensborough Connector, is a freeway through the Queensborough section of New Westminster, located on Lulu Island and separated from the rest of the city by the Fraser River. It started life as the northern end of BC 91 in 1986, but when the 91 freeway was curled around back west to BC 99 in 1989, the orphaned connector became numbered 91A. Unless you live or play in New Westminster, this freeway doesn't do a whole lot for you.

Stewardson Way WB out of New Westminster at the northern beginning of BC 91A. The Alex Fraser Bridge, on BC 91 south of the other end of BC 91A, is seen behind the BC 91A Queensborough Bridge's railing.

The southern end of BC 91A. There really isn't much interesting between these points. Fortunately, one old sign remained that shows how BC 91 changes directions onto the new section. The word "WEST" also appears to be patched over "NORTH," so that may not have been an immediate decision. The exit gore has a greenout that suggests it was once numbered, and the number appears to be 6. It's a lot more than 6 km to the southern end of BC 91, but this would in fact be the 6th interchange along the highway. But that doesn't make sense with the way BC numbers interchanges by km or that BC 91 was rerouted as soon as the new interchange opened. In fact, Exit 6 on BC 91 is 72 Ave. in Delta. Well, sign don't lie.

I think that BC since figured out to put the destination first and the arrow/distance below. This is on the BC 91A SB-BC 91 SB ramp.

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