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BC 91

BC 91 is a half-loop freeway that connects at both ends to BC 99 and could serve as a decent bypass for 99 traffic through Delta and Richmond. Its more useful function is getting traffic to BC 91A, a short expressway spur that leads to roads that take traffic north and east to industrial areas and TCH 1 while bypassing Vancouver entirely. Like Anchorage, AK, Vancouver has no freeway running directly through it, so BC 91A is very useful indeed. All photos are NB to WB.

I have no idea what the sign for Nordel Way is doing way over there on the left, when BC 91 through traffic is where I (think camera holder) am.

The Alexander Fraser Bridge, a dual-cable stayed bridge spanning the eponymous Fraser River, first seen from Stewardson Way on the north shore of Burrard Inlet.

After the BC 91A interchange, BC 91 turns west. The last photo is on Westminster Hwy. SB, very visible from the freeway.

There are a couple of old mileposts in the median. Newer ones use something that looks much more like a proper shield.

This is what happens when you use wood for signs. Richmond numbers its main north-south streets, but without a dot after "No," I feel like the next exit has no 6 road.

BC 91 just about ends at BC 99, but has another half a kilometre before the Shell Rd. traffic light. The last sign used to be on Shell Rd. SB at BC 91/Alderbridge Way. Its removal makes life easier, because it was located a block early at Blair Dr. I wonder how many people turned there instead of at the signal.

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