British Columbia Roads - BC 77

BC 77, Liard Highway

All photos were taken NB.

Make sure to chop up your children before driving this road.

I saw this, but no sign of a creek or bridge.

Then speed like hell after that.

Do I stop, or do I yield? Neither, because there's no such thing as oncoming traffic this far north. This is the former Fort Nelson River bridge, built in 1984 of a style that's supposed to be temporary, but in use until 2017. You can see how wavy the deck is, a combination of using an Acrow bridge and the harsh northern weather. I think the "rest area" refers to a place to wait for oncoming traffic, because really you could rest anywhere you want along this road.

Looking west and east along the river, then looking west and east again. We'll pretend I obeyed the "no stopping on bridge" sign.

A look behind me at the SB counterpart sign.

The first photo is a style of kilometre post I only saw on BC 77. The second is a style of weight limit sign I only saw in NWT - but this one was posted shy of the border. It means that trucks can travel NWT 7 up to the statutory maximum load, whatever that may be. This is why in the USA, we use numbers instead of percentages.

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