British Columbia Roads - BC 1A


This is the last of six historic sections of BC 1A that have been designated over the years. Most of them died off in the 2000s, with the one in Vancouver lasting until 2016. The one that's left is out of the way on Vancouver Island and may very well be on the chopping block itself.

Heading north across the 1952 Chemainus River bridge, which closed 12 days after my 2013 visit and was removed starting June 11. Glad I got there where I did, because this "creosoted lumber" span was a treasure on the provincial highway system.

Looking back south from my car and looking back on this photo, I think that's the new roadway taking shape to the right.

Moving on, this older railway crossing gantry is NB by the Howe Road intersection.

NB entering Chemainus.

Parent TCH 1

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