British Columbia Roads - BC 17A

BC 17A

All photos were taken NB.

As BC 17 transitioned straight into BC 17A in 2013, the future of BC 17 appears on the right. BC 17 followed what is now BC 17A until late 2012, even though it would be another year before the new alignment opened. This new overpass crosses a railroad and ties into the new Deltaport Way interchange.

I'm sure there was a BC 17 shield on this sign, although all the destinations are along BC 99.

The dashed border tells me this sign has been around quite awhile. If this seems confusing, BC 99 South heads east for awhile, so the interior can be accessed via BC 10. On the other hand, heading north away from the border would take traffic through metro Vancouver, which is undesirable. On the third hand, Ladner Trunk Road would be a more direct road east out of Ladner, but I'm not sure if it's suited to trucks.

BC 17 ended here and now BC 17A does, as evidenced by lack of any shield for River Rd. That is an ancient style of guide sign shield.

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