British Columbia Roads - BC 17

The southernmost photo on this page is nowhere near the others. This is BC 17 NB in Victoria. It and TCH 1 are the only two routes on both Vancouver Island and the mainland, and BC 17 is the most direct route from there to Vancouver City. If, like me, you've never seen this abbreviation before, Cl. stands for Close.

Superior St. heading east from Menzies St. in Victoria. It goes on this page because the TCH 1 shield is new, but not so much BC 17.

56th St. NB and SB across BC 17 north of Tsawwassen, which is the northeastern ferry terminal along the route. What is "Ferries" covering? "Ferry Terminal"? "Victoria"? There's nothing else that way except the shield atop this page.

In 2013, BC 17 was all about construction. From here all the way up to Port Mann, BC 17 didn't exist yet. Or, I should say, BC 17 originally followed what's now BC 17A (straight ahead in these photos) to end at BC 99. Then a piece of the South Fraser Perimeter Road was built east of Surrey in 2012, tying into the north end of BC 15. For reasons unknown (to me then, anyway), it was numbered 17 instead of 15, creating two separated pieces of BC 17. (BC 17A was designated at the same time.) When I went there, I discovered the plan to unite them. Here BC 17 will bear right and there will be a flyover ramp for BC 17A NB.
South Fraser Perimeter Road

Heading west from the east end of BC 17, i.e. the east end of the new South Fraser Perimeter Road, under TCH 1 with some construction of its own. (The hidden destination is Delta, waiting for the rest of the road to open.) The graceful arch bridge was the Port Mann Bridge, born in 1964 as the third-longest arch in the world. To avoid impacts to the shipping channel and Fraser River, it was dismantled over the course of three years. Fortunately for us, that process was only just beginning in 2013. The pier in the last photo was gone by mid-2014, so I'm guessing it was a test pier to demonstrate materials and/or loading before applying them to the new bridge.

BC 17 is now a 4-lane highway, but just 2 lanes were open until the segments were linked. The road to the right is 117 Ave., still open for access to Port Mann Substation via 138 St.

The end of the road in 2013 wasn't much farther, as just after the 116 Ave./138 St. light (signed as King Rd., which is the stretch of road this part of BC 17 now bypasses), all traffic was forced left on 136 St. to 115 Ave. through the Bridgeview section of Surrey.

A glimpse of the new road taking shape from 115 Ave. up 132A St.

Bridgeview Dr. NB up to the new signalized intersection with BC 17.

Bridgeview Dr. SB through the intersection. It was a bucolic 2-lane divided parkway through a backwater neighborhood, but is now the main connection from the BC 17 bypass of developed Surrey to the Pattullo Bridge into downtown via King George Blvd., so it was being widened to 4 lanes with a narrower median and turn lanes.

Looking east on unfinished BC 17 from the Bridgewater Dr. intersection.

And how about some looks west?
Straight onto BC 17A

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