British Columbia Roads - BC 15

BC 15

One of the first NB signs in BC is for this peculiarly named road. The entire Fraser River valley, from Chilliwack to Delta, is on a mile grid system that, of course, begins with 0 Ave. at the border. I'm amused that you need to turn on 1 Ave. to get there.

NB, proving that I'm on BC 15.

SB at 8 Ave., which is one mile north of 0 Ave., so now you know the grid scale. Douglas Customs is the newer crossing at BC 99/I-5, but BC 15 leads straight into 5 via WA 543, so the VMS before this sign would tell you if you really ought to divert.

NB at 32nd Ave. Between the standard truck symbol and kilometre marker are two signs that need some work.

As BC 15 approaches BC 10, this seemingly helpful sign advises of two ways to Vancouver. However, it's not very helpful if you have no way to assess which one might be faster. The only useful tidbit you get is that TCH 1 has a toll and BC 10 does not. BC 10 leads west to
BC 91 and BC 99, both of which lead to the same congested entrance into downtown. TCH 1, being a newer freeway and a toll bridge, is less congested to start until it starts picking up BC 7 traffic. Either way, you have to leave the freeway and traverse several kilometres of surface streets to get downtown. So yes, VMS elements showing drive times would be most helpful here. Incidentally, the tolls were removed from TCH 1 in 2017, making the route more desirable from a monetary perspective but perhaps less desirable from a congestion perspective.

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