British Columbia Roads

British Columbia

First: New Westminster, I think on Royal Ave. WB. Second: Boundary Rd. NB, marking the eastern boundary of Vancouver. Third: 56th St. SB at 19th Ave. in Tsawwassen.

BC 3, Crowsnest Hwy.
BC 5, Yellowhead Hwy.
BC 7
BC 15
BC 17
BC 17A
BC 77, Liard Hwy.
BC 91
BC 91A
BC 93
BC 97
Old BC 97, Kiskatinaw Rd.
BC 97C
BC 97D
BC 99

Dawson Creek
Quesnel and Fraser River Footbridge
Vancouver Island

Vancouver area
Burrard Street Bridge
Knight Street
Marine Drive, West Vancouver
Pattullo Bridge

Here's the submittals section. First, courtesy Rich Piehl, the Yellowhead Highway follows TCH 16 throughout its journey from Winnipeg to Graham Island, BC. (BC 5 is its only spur.) Though you might not see the detail, B.C. is abbreviated beneath the head shield and spelled out in full beneath the maple leaf. Second, this dual photo by Averill Hecht shows the conversion from English to metric units in September 1977 - look on the bottom of the signs. Those say NO PARKING WITHIN (20 FEET, 6 m).

Finally, Lac Le Jeune Road heading north under a private mining road by Inks Lake.

British Columbia Non-Roads
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