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The highlight of every town on US 66 is the remnants from when it was still a US highway. Photos progress eastward.

All of this was done by Williams, but I wish they'd ditch the malformed one-piece assembly and go straight for more embossed replica shields. The material doesn't match the original, but that's of no concern. If only every state did this along US 66, people of every stripe would flock to the mother road. Okay, I lie, but at least road enthusiasts would be out there slightly more often.

Both this building and whatever was in the place of the Circle K (last a Ford dealership, according to Bobby Patricca) were around before US 66 existed.

EB signs that are probably all old enough to be from US 66. Certainly the Santa Fe was "fun to ride" back then (it appears to no longer be the case, maybe because passenger service is now run by Amtrak), but most definitely the milepost belongs to US 66. I don't know, though, what era of US 66 it dates to. Being white on green (at one point), it should be no older than the 1960s, at which point I-40 was already under construction. So the question is, was it standard ADOT practice to erect blank mileposts and tack the numbers on one at a time, or were the numbers patched as needed to reflect changes in routing brought about by US 66 slowly being rerouted onto newly built sections of I-40? Either way, this is the only old milepost I saw on any part of US 66 in any state so far.

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