Arizona Roads - US 66

Former US 66

EB in Ash Fork.

Former US 66 from west to east:
Mohave CR 10
Shinarump Dr.
AZ 66
Kaibab National Forest
US 180
AZ 99
Original US 66, Winslow
AZ 87
Business I-40, Joseph City
US 180 (again)

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Pine Ave. WB in Ash Fork, one of the oldest alignments of US 66 that doesn't last long once Yavapai County maintenance ends. It's cut off by Business I-40, which is a newer alignment of US 66 up until the I-40 interchange (from the time when I-40 wasn't completed around many towns). The two converge again where 8th St. meets Lewis Ave. (Business I-40 WB).

I-40 (US 66's successor)

Into New Mexico on old US 66
Into California on old US 66 in Needles and Park Moabi
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