Arizona Roads - US 180/old US 66

US 180 and former US 66

US 180 meets old US 66, and for that matter old US 89, at a veritable sign salad in western Flagstaff. A traffic light is only needed here because traffic needs the excuse to stop and figure out where it's going. I think all the route shields are necessary, so this may be the wrong place to try to throw in the destinations.

EB to views of Humphreys and Fremont Peaks. You know a motel is old enough to be from the Mother Road when it's got... It's Got... Sssssssteam Heat! It's Got...

EB leaving Flagstaff, US 180 and old US 66 turn right to stay along the railroad tracks while US 89 begins straight at the recently improved junction. US 66 pavement makes a brief appearance there before everyone has to get on I-40 or go to Walnut Canyon.

US 180/old US 66 WB in Holbrook, jumping over the entire I-40/US 180 concurrency (see big link below).

US 180/I-40
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