Arizona Roads - Shinarump Dr./US 66

Shinarump Drive and former US 66

Shinarump Dr. NB, connecting the Oatman leg of old US 66 to the Kingman leg. The Oatman leg, Mohave CR 10, dead-ends at I-40 at the mouth of Cook Canyon, and Shinarump is the only way across. It also has a great name. How much does one get paid to shinarump?

SB through the I-40 Exit 44 interchange. Both north and south frontage roads are just signed as Frontage Road, which seems just a tad confusing. Historic US 66 continues left on the southern frontage road.

Looking south where the railroad crosses the mouth of Cook Canyon as I head toward Kingman.

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I-40 (US 66's successor)

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