Arizona Roads - Original US 66, Winslow

Original US 66, Winslow

EB on the rutted strip of pavement that may not have been touched since the 1950s, when US 66 started to head out of town on 2nd St./3rd St. into what's now I-40 instead of following the railroad tracks. From here, the old alignment (still used and therefore paved ahead) runs into what's now AZ 99/Business I-40 just west of Fleming St., creating a unified US 66 alignment through downtown Winslow.

WB, pavement tries to live in fits and starts before ending at a culvert between nothing and nowhere. I shouldn't have driven this, but I had a rental car with LDW. If you want to try, head out of town on the newer US 66 (now AZ 99) and continue straight at the I-40 interchange (Hipkoe Dr.). Make the first left after the frontage road ends, and this comes up on the right. Just west of Hipkoe Dr., there are nine parallel roadways all related to US 66, which I think sets a record. There is the northern frontage road [1], both directions of 40 [2, 3], on and off ramps [4, 5], both directions of 66 [6, 7, if you allow a divided boulevard to count as two roadways, which it usually does], the old US 66 frontage road to the south [8], and original US 66 by the railroad [9].

The embankment for the overpass to a sparsely occupied industrial area wipes out the old alignment. Perhaps fittingly, on the overpass is the continuation of the newer US 66 alignment, although it was only created after I-40 was constructed.

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