Arizona Roads/Non-Roads - US 66 - Kaibab National Forest

Former US 66, Kaibab National Forest

All photos were taken eastbound.

Forest Road 146 turns into Coconino CR 146. Both of them are old US 66, and both are unpaved, which isn't so bad considering the condition of what "pavement" is left to the west. Although it's April in Arizona, the elevation is near 7,000 feet in these parts, so snow is still present in 50 degree weather.

Humphreys (left) and Fremont (right) Peaks, from my favorite part of the old Kaibab alignment along the lake.

Kendrick Peak, looking more to the south from the same vantage.

There's another short stretch of old US 66 pavement east of where US 66 once curved down to I-40 (an intermediate alignment during construction), although the original concrete is buried under the cracking asphalt. Original US 66 bends up to the north as a short dirt road in Parks.

Closer views of Humphreys Peak and Fremont Peak individually. Mt. Elden squats to the south.

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I-40 (US 66's successor)

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