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Yuma and suburbs

That service sign has been extended twice in its life, and the second time was after the button copy era. (Look closely, the border is thinner.)

There's a brief button-copy breakup in Yuma, but it returns along with snazzy new overpasses. Also, exit numbers have finally caught up with Avenue numbers, since the zero point for both is in Yuma. The Exit 2 food sign is another Extend-O-Matic special, but it looks like button copy made it all the way around this one.

First and last photos courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The last two signs are on opposite sides of the road, and the left side (Giss Pkwy.) is courtesy Lou Corsaro. The advance sign for Winterhaven is an Arizona sign for a California destination. Yes, it should read "CA," as should the San Diego pullthrough. Of note is that there's no exit number, reflecting California's decades-long practice that has just been brought to an end. Let's see when Arizona catches up on this sign.

At the end of the Exit 1 ramp.

Even though the CA shield is already appearing on distance signs, I haven't crossed the Colorado River, so this is still Arizona. The oldest bridge in this location is still intact but now restricted to one-way traffic, hence the signal. That's the 1914 Ocean to Ocean Bridge, erected during the infancy of automobile highways to help connect East and West. The brown bridge next to it is its railroad counterpart dating to 1923.

The newer bridges in this location carry I-8 across the Colorado River into California, viewed from Gateway Park and in the middle of the Colorado River. (It's good wading, try it.) Behind them is the 4th Ave. bridge, the newer old alignment of US 80 (realigned from the Ocean to Ocean Bridge) and now Business I-8.

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