Arizona Roads - I-8 EB

Above: courtesy Matt Kleiman.

Taking the first exit in Arizona.

The entrance sign, which you'd miss entirely if you take Exit 1, is very rare - not only a unique sign, but the star seems to be reflective Scotchlite. You don't see that on signs anymore. Click for a clearer view, courtesy Matt Kleiman.

Through florid Yuma.

Heading into the rest area for the last photo (but not really, or else I'd have a better angle on it). All of the no facilities are handicap-accessible. First photo courtesy Matt Kleiman.

Last photo courtesy Matt Kleiman.

One more interchange, three more of Matt's photos (first and last are mine).

Click on the last photo for how it looked before the patches, courtesy Matt Kleiman.

Yes, even the loopy arrow is button copy. First and fourth photos (the loopy one) are Matt's.

From the Too Good to Be True Department.... (I stopped there. The dates are delicious. So are the fruits. I mean the date fruits. I'll stop now.)

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Exit 1 to Giss Pkwy.
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