Arizona Roads - I-40/US 180

I-40/US 180

Don't look for US 180 signs here; the route disappears for the length of the concurrency.

Looking west at Fremont and Humphreys Peaks.

The famous Twin Arrows of US 66 fame, now a stop on the frontage road.

The reason all these famous sites are right on I-40 is because there's absolutely nothing out here in the desert, so there's no reason to have bypassed US 66 when building right next to it or even on top of it won't displace anyone.

Finally, Winslow pops out of the sand. This is actually where AZ 99 exits, but the ramp is curiously only signed for AZ 87 (which AZ 99 doesn't meet until the center of town).

It makes more sense for neither route to be on the WB Exit 252 ramp sign because Exits 257 and 255 are the more logical accesses to town.

EB down the Exit 255 ramp, first two photos courtesy Matt Kleiman.

At the end of the WB Exit 255 ramp.

The end of the EB Exit 257 ramp. I was following old US 66 through Winslow (a requirement for all first-time visitors), so that's why I have all the surface signage and none on the highway.

WB for two exits, and of course down the ramp. It makes no sense to sign Historic US 66 at Exit 255 when it begins at Exit 257 - anyone interested in following the old road would want to follow another two miles of it, especially since the last two miles move at 55 MPH with no traffic lights. I was going to make a Homolovi joke here, but the Clearview font is enough of a joke already.

The last two photos were taken from the Exit 269 ramp. This is another must-see exit, for the famous Jackrabbit sign. You can get right back on the highway if you really want to, but why?

EB and WB Exit 274 ramps, EB and WB Exit 277 ramps. Not much in between.

EB on up the Exit 283 ramp (last two photos), but the Holbrook sign seems to be meant for the mainline as well.

What I was able to capture WB leaving Holbrook. The WB and EB roadways aren't that close together.

One last stretch of I-40/US 180 EB signage before US 180 gets signed again as it leaves. I think the MUTCD should have had a rule at the beginning of the manual, providing an exception to the rule limiting signs to 3 lines of destinations, back in the days when button copy was still manufactured. "When utilizing legend with embedded reflectors, roadway agencies shall [not "should," this needed the force of law] design signs to accommodate as many lines of text and as many route shields, provided that they also utilize embedded reflectors, as the agencies are physically and financially able to install." (Maybe this is why no one uses button copy any more.)

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(Exit 252) to AZ 99 and Business I-40 in Winslow
Exit 277 to Business I-40, Joseph City
Exit 255, 257, etc. (really any of them) to old US 66 (I-40's predecessor)

Exit 252, 255, or 257 to AZ 87
Exit 255 to Transcon Lane
Exit 285 to AZ 77
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