Arizona Roads - I-40/AZ 77

I-40 and I-40/AZ 77

The beginning of Navajo Blvd. WB east of Holbrook, which becomes Business I-40 on this side of the overpass and follows old US 66/AZ 77 into downtown. Current AZ 77 remains on I-40 for another exit, bypassing the commercialized strip heading southwest from the airport.

I-40 and I-40/AZ 77 west and east of US 180
I-40/US 180

Old US 66 (I-40's predecessor)

Business I-40 in Winslow: AZ 99 and AZ 87
Business I-40, Joseph City

Navajo Blvd./Business I-40 EB, same spot as the first photo. This here's the desert.

AZ 77 alone

Into California on I-40
Into New Mexico on I-40
I-40 scenery photos east of Holbrook
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