Arizona Roads - I-19 NB 2

Exits 63-102

Here's another example of a service sign extended twice as services were added. The transition from button copy to reflective border isn't pretty, but you have to see it. It's part of growing up.

That Titan Missile sign was once brown. The same thing happened to AZ Loop 202 in the Phoenix area, and ADOT ended up cancelling the idea of colored Loop route shields as a result. And yet, despite this failure, they still erect brown signs for historic landmarks. Why punish the Loops for your own failure, ADOT?

Last photo is at the end of the Exit 92 ramp.

Wait, so all of a sudden, the "m" is bottom justified to the number? Why can't ADOT do that with "meter" or "km?" Does it fail with more than one letter? Is it only because this exit is so special with its fancy overpass?

Why is the only AZ 86 sign on a brown background, which makes one think it's a historic route or something well off the exit? All of Ajo Way is AZ 86, in both directions from I-19. It should be right there on the main signs. (I-10 should be up there for Exit 101, but at least I gather that omission is a recent accident.)

The Exit 101 ramp to I-10 EB passes under 12th Ave. at this festive overpass.

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