Arizona Roads - I-19

Above is the eastern frontage road NB at Exit 56. I-19 is completely signed in metric, including kilometerposts, exit numbers, and all distances. It seems perfectly normal when driving it, except you get to Exit 102 a whole lot faster than you thought. That's not a bad thing - maybe more roads should go metric. Also, I believe I-19 is the last bastion of button copy fully metric signage in the world. (There is some dual-unit signage left in at least California.) Book your flights now.

I-19 NB, Exits 1-56
I-19 NB, Exits 63-102

I-19 SB

Business I-19, Nogales

The western frontage road NB at Exit 69. It's in the middle of the block, so there's nothing to the left or right. What could the bottom panel have been used for or planned for? My guess is there was once a US 89 shield up there from before it was decommissioned south of Flagstaff in 1992.

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