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That's pretty vague. Cultural and/or sports facilities? Why not just say Downtown? Or Downtown Facilities? I bet Arizona just wanted to put Facilities and someone had to step in and smack them hard enough to nix the idea.

Are these signs made from recycled turtles, or is the sun just that fierce? It must be bad in both directions, judging by the northbound photos.

On down the Exit 195 ramp. See that symbol in the first photo? It was supposed to mean "rental car." It instead looks like a shady key-duplicating service if you want to steal an ex's car to get back at her. That's why you've never seen it before.

Only the numbers are button copy in that last photo. How does this come about? The exit sign itself is probably newer than 1998, but ADOT still had (and has, just in case repairs are needed) spare button copy numbers in storage. Central Ave. is the dividing point in Phoenix, so you have 7th St. to the east and 7th Ave. to the west, both important enough for consecutive exits. Dear Phoenix residents, does that ever get confusing?

These sign backgrounds are in desperately bad condition. The nice thing about button copy is that it doesn't matter, because the letters can be seen day or night. The bad thing is that the signs were installed in 2000. The experiment with graffiti-resistant covering was a failure, itself turning into a mocking graffiti of sorts.

I wonder if that's the original warning paint job on the overpass abutment? I would be hard-pressed to believe it's not.

On down the Exit 200 ramp.

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