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Above: courtesy Lou Corsaro.

The EB and WB exit ramp signs at Exit 124, for Cotton Lane - and AZ Loop 303. Cotton Lane was here for many years before Loop 303 began to be constructed, so anything in button copy is older and won't refer to what's now the predominant connection here. I also love the destinations - guess which one is a town? Guess which is the only destination not in button copy, for some unknown reason? Surprise! (There had to be a better way to arrange this sign.)

In 2010, I-10 was undergoing serious widening from Loop 303 in toward Loop 101. On the heels of these improvements (as I write this) come a new freeway-grade interchange with Loop 303 that will put those old signs to rest - unless Cotton Lane somehow retains connectivity in the midst of all the work. The sum of the improvements will facilitate further development of the western suburbs from Goodyear toward Surprise!. (I think the town name can only be written with an exclamation point.)

A run of EB button copy into Phoenix. It's a crapshoot as to where you will still find colored Loop shields - as you see here, signs in the same sequence have or haven't had them replaced.

Heading back west, with the last photo taken in 1988 by Michael Summa. It fits in perfectly with my photo that got cut off, although you can see that Tolleson was eliminated. That could be a consequence of the MUTCD discouraging mixing street names and towns, because I can't see why else the most reasonable access to that small community wouldn't be signed. Notice the extra-large "B" 1 miles from Loop 101, I'm sure a replacement for the original letter out of whatever button copy stock ADOT has left. I'm glad they didn't replace the shield at the same time.

WB to the next exit.

51st Ave. NB at Exit 139.

WB entering Phoenix, courtesy Matt Kleiman.

State-name shields, all courtesy Lou Corsaro. The one atop the page is much farther east.

The remainder of the photos on this page were taken in 1988 by Michael Summa.

The 53J milemarker, at a rest area east of Phoenix on I-10, is the old cut-corner style, plus it's nowhere near the correct milepost. It may be a sort of county-based mileposting system, because it's 53 miles west of the Pinal/Pima county line according to Jason Pawloski - which of course only works if ADOT mileposted each side of the highway separately. Jason did answer what the J is, though: it represents the directional orientation of one of the rest area ramps.

Further east on I-10, but still west of Tucson, was this changeable message sign that displayed detours when dust storms obscured I-10. I don't know how far one would have to detour to get around the dust that, well... well, the entire state is a freaking desert, okay? According to Alan H.'s site (link on the main AZ Roads page), this sign was removed by the early 80's, so something's wacky with the dates there.

Two dead routes here. Most likely AZ 93 had already been killed by this time, though Michael doesn't have a date on the photo (a friend took it). AZ 93 died by 1985, taken over by US 93 (imagine) and I-40. US 89 was truncated to Flagstaff in 1982 after I-17 and I-19 provided a full-freeway route from Nogales northward, and since this photo was taken in Tucson, this would now only be Business Loop 10. Notice the dent in the side of the AZ 93 marker - that was the 1960's style, bridging the gap between an actual contour of the western border and the current slab side.

Some of the last button copy in Tucson, and it's non-reflective. WB near Exit 262.

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