Arizona Roads - Golf Links Rd., Tucson

Golf Links Road, Tucson

Technically, this photo is still on Alvernon Way NB, but Golf Links Rd. continues the ancient non-reflective button copy.

What does 5 MPH gain a driver at night? I'm guessing the 45 is a patch over a higher speed limit, 50 or 55, but the patch ends up being the most interesting part thanks to the non-standard '4.'

The other old NB sign, but that's not the end of the fun.

I turned around and came back SB to find these other beautiful signs from the same era. They uniquely drop the "Way" from Alvernon, and this is also the only time I've seen "NB" (or EB, WB, SB) as an abbreviation on a permanent sign. Times have changed. The last photo is on the ramp to Aviation Hwy., which incidentally is also AZ 210. The signs of course predate any route designation.

SB at the merge from Golf Links Rd. NB and AZ 210 WB commences.

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