Arizona Roads - US 66 - Business I-40, Joseph City

Business I-40 in Joseph City, former US 66

Five miles west of Joseph City, old US 66 (no longer Business I-40) peters out fairly quickly. Instead, traffic is supposed to turn right and get on the highway for a bit.

Here's why there's still even a road five miles west of Joseph City. If Jackrabbit were on the side of I-40 with no access, people would be parking on the shoulder and walking down the embankment for a good photograph. Not a lot of people, but enough to create a hazard, because the only proper way to photograph this sign is with the rabbit directly beneath the name. This iconic sign may or may not be kept up anymore, because it's faring better than a lot of other roadside memorabilia, even in places that are still open.

Business I-40 WB leaving Joseph City, ending at I-40, and crossing over to the frontage road where old US 66 continues to the right. (It's not perfect, as 66 was once a straight line out of town, but this is the way to Jackrabbit.)

Old US 66 entering Joseph City, crossing over I-40, and picking up Business I-40 EB.

There's not much in Joseph City, so here I am at the other end of the Business loop, EB.

WB sign at that interchange.

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