Arizona Roads - AZ 99/old US 66/Business I-40

AZ 99 and former US 66/Business I-40 in Winslow

AZ 99 SB leaving I-40 at Exit 252, the beginning of Business I-40 in Winslow and the tourist route for Historic US 66. In the last two photos, after turning right off the ramp, AZ 99 comes to actual old US 66, which ends to the right (taking that overpass in the background) but connects to even older US 66 (see big link at bottom for Original US 66). Notice how there's no AZ 99 signage at all, but plenty for AZ 87, a route that never came this way and isn't reached until downtown. AZ 99 even continues past AZ 87, so there's no excuse to ignore it.

Hipkoe Drive SB across I-40 at Exit 252.

AZ 99 NB/old US 66 WB where Business I-40 and AZ 99 turn right to meet I-40 at Hipkoe Drive. Old US 66 continues straight ahead, but quickly ends and turns into 3rd St. as I-40 takes over what had been the modernized, dualized US 66 in the 1950s and '60s.

SB into town, still no AZ 99 signs but the other two routes are well represented. I bet it would have been cheaper for states to maintain US 66 as an active numbered highway through signage only (downloading other aspects of highway maintenance to towns and counties) than to completely decommission the route and come back through with all the historical signs.

AZ 99 NB on Williamson Ave. in downtown Winslow, about to turn onto old US 66/Business I-40 and take them over from AZ 87 SB.

Most visitors will miss the diminutive white-background mini-shield along AZ 99 SB/old US 66 EB, but everyone will see, and take photos of, the newly painted and paved N. Kinsley Ave. intersection, the supposed corner about which a certain song was written. I don't see why it had to be this particular corner, especially because it's very difficult to get a photo from the correct angle due to building walls getting in the way. If the shield were rotated 180 degrees (or facing any of the four approach streets), it would be a lot easier.

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