Arizona Roads - AZ 80

AZ 80

All photos are westbound except at US 191.

Through the Sonoran Desert, with plenty of bridges over normally-dry washes for the old US 80 but none for the former parallel railroad. The wash in the last photo has become a ranch driveway, though I'm not certain there's enough to support a ranch out here. Someone owns the land, though.

Desert scenes, starting with a dust devil.

US 191 SB and NB, and carrying AZ 80 EB in the first photo. The Truck Route seems to be the through route based on the signage from US 191 NB - otherwise the two possibilities seem to come out even.

The other end of the Business route is at A Ave. north of Douglas. I'm not sure it's even an official route, but it's signed for continuity. If you're following AZ 80, this is your only sizable stop for a considerable distance in either direction, so it makes sense to provide a path through the center of town.

Erie St. pops out of a roundabout and leads to what I'd call downtown Bisbee, and it looks like it hasn't changed in 50 years. This is old AZ 80.

Old Bisbee is north of AZ 80, nestled in the hills.

Through Mule Pass Tunnel leaving Bisbee.

Into Tombstone (along AZ 80)
AZ 80 scenery photos
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