Arizona Roads - AZ 66/old US 66

AZ 66, former US 66

Old US 93 SB/US 66 EB in Kingman just west of where AZ 66 begins.

Instead of being signed Historic US 66 like everywhere else in Arizona, old 66 in Kingman is signed as a Loop. This is WB from I-40.

AZ 66 WB ending on the east side of Kingman. Is that shield large enough?

And EB. You get button copy AND a bonus Indian Route shield! By the way, all of these destinations are fake. There's nothing more than a house or two until Seligman, well past the end of state jurisdiction.

I really hope this is the only one of these monstrosities in existence.

Typical US 66 roadside scenes, with a revival of the old Burma Shave ads that once graced the highway. But wait! Burma Shave avoided three of the then-48 states due to low traffic volumes: Nevada, New Mexico... and Arizona. Also, the old Burma Shave ads used five signs and then the logo, while this crams it all onto four signs. I'd probably separate April and June for historical accuracy. (All of the ads I saw in Arizona were related to speeding. It doesn't help that between the end of AZ 66 and Seligman, there's very little traffic, and certainly no enforcement, so speeding is de rigueur. That's right, AZ 66 now ends at the Yavapai County line, and the rest of the road is just Old US 66. Why not keep AZ 66 going to Seligman? ADOT does not want two routes serving the same cities, and this was the easiest way to accomplish that. How does that make any sense? Isn't the point to have surface routes parallel to Interstates to provide local access? I just took a look at Phoenix, and Loop 202 begins and ends at I-10, going quite far out of the way before coming back. So let's just end that route at a random place, shall we? How about at the canal crossing between Exits 23A and 23B? Call the rest of it County Route 0. Oh, and I-17 also hits 10 twice. It'll have to change numbers at Central Ave. now. AZ 260 gets a pass, though, because even though it is a longer route from Show Low to Springerville and Eagar versus US 60, they don't QUITE meet up again at the east end. Give me a freaking break.

The former AZ 66, WB leaving Seligman and saying goodbye to Business I-40.

Business I-40 EB at the same junction, having just jumped over railroad tracks and old US 66 in the process. I'm sparing you non-button copy and maximizing the size of the good stuff.

More good stuff to the northeast of the intersection.

Business I-40 and old AZ/US 66 EB. I was going to have a separate page for Seligman, but since this was old AZ 66, it can live here.

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