Arizona Roads - AZ 210

AZ 210

EB signage captured while traveling WB. From Exit 4 (22nd St.) eastward, AZ 210 is an expressway with traffic lights instead of a freeway.

WB on the expressway portion, starting at Richey Blvd. Just after the Exit 4 comes a traffic light, and then the freeway begins. (So why is this one signed Exit 4 and the other traffic lights aren't numbered?)

The freeway currently ends at Broadway Blvd., but clearing has already been established for a northwestward extension along the railroad tracks. The eventual goal seems to be tying it into I-10, which would help justify both the route number and the exit numbers. Should that day arrive, Alvernon Rd. and Golf Links Rd. just may be designated 210 to create a loop, in which case wave goodbye to the OLD button copy there (click through below to see it).

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