Arizona Roads - AZ 143

AZ 143


The future flyover from Loop 202 WB (really Sky Harbor Blvd. WB as it leaves 202) to AZ 143 SB, replacing a loop ramp with a weave. I left Tempe Butte in the background of the first photo, looking east.

All the SB button copy left in 2011.

All photos in this direction are courtesy Matt Kleiman.

AZ 143 doesn't actually meet Loop 202 until its end at Exit 5; Exit 3 uses the airport access road outbound as a shortcut. The brown Loop 202 signs fade badly, especially the standalone shields, and thus ADOT is replacing them as necessary or as button copy BGS's are replaced with new retroreflective ones. I do not applaud either button copy replacement or colored shield replacement, especially because the problems with the brown signs are causing the blue Loop 101 signs to also be replaced (and white-on-black Loop 303). Why not just pick another color?
Exit 1 or 5 to I-10
Exit 3 or 5 to AZ Loop 202
Exit 3B to Sky Harbor Blvd.
Exit 5 to AZ 51
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