Arizona Roads - AZ Loop 101 counterclockwise (WB-SB)

counterclockwise - WB to SB

Above: Loop 101 takes the names of the roads it follows, in this case Pima Rd. in Scottsdale. To the southeast, it's the Price Freeway after Price Rd. West of I-17, it becomes the Agua Fria Freeway - okay, that name's just a neighborhood of Phoenix.

Native vegetation as Loop 101 switches from NB to WB.

That 3 looks like it visited us from the future to tell us that button copy will return. All courtesy Matt Kleiman.

As featured on the clockwise page, ADOT is busy constructing HOV lanes in both directions all the way around Loop 101. They're not busy keeping the work zones protected, though. Mind if I slip in for a few photos? Last two photos courtesy Matt Kleiman because I was heading into the sun.

To the next exit, third and fifth photos again courtesy Matt Kleiman for the same reason as before.

Still more mixing of Matt's and my photos - his are the second and fourth.

Starting on the frontage road (obviously) from Exit 25, then onto the highway. Second photo is courtesy Matt Kleiman. The Exit Only legends are all taped over because of the lane shifts related to HOV lane construction. It shows you that the legend isn't part of the sign, but rather affixed to it very 3-dimensionally, perhaps even demountably.

Ending on the westbound exit ramp to I-17, courtesy Matt Kleiman except for the left half of the first photo (the blue Loop 101, a rare find now, is on the same gantry pole as the exit sign). The various ways in which ADOT tells you the right lane splits between south and north are interesting.

Now SB, with a couple more views of HOV lane construction on the west side of the loop. The pole in the last construction photo is for the last sign, which may not be moving if the median is constructed in place. It's a shame these signs will all likely disappear, because new signs won't be charmingly quaint enough to list the two directions of I-10 separately. Sentiment stems from the little, awkward, stupid things.

With traffic riding in the shoulder to get around construction, all the Exit Only arrows have been covered or, on this side, erased. The right lane still exits, but it's 12 feet farther to the right.

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