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counterclockwise - NB

The future ramp from AZ Loop 202 WB comes down in the median of Loop 101 to tie into the HOV lane that will be there.

This assembly makes it obvious that there's one interchange per mile. Because of ramp spacing, the mile sign is on each overpass, and then there are 2-3 warnings between the merge and the next exit.

Last photo is on the exit ramp.

Arizona originally had colored shields for all three loops. You saw Loop 101's at top, and Loop 202 was clearly white on pale puce. (What a lovely color name.) Actually, it was brown, and just like Arizona's other brown signs, many of the 202 shields faded badly. They've figured it out now, but too late to save the inventive color scheme.

Slightly out of order, as you'd see the last photo before the two prior, but that makes it more convenient for me to tell you it's entering the highway from Raintree Dr. at Exit 39.

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