Arizona Roads - AZ Loop 101 clockwise (NB-EB)

clockwise - NB to EB

Above: Cave Creek Rd. SB at Loop 101 Exit 28.

Starting from the I-10 WB ramp and ending in the midst of HOV lane construction in the median. You can see in the last photo that gantry poles haven't been moved out of the median; I'm guessing that the new median will just be poured around them.

That's the end of NB button copy and of my HOV lane construction photos. By the time you read this, construction will have finished and most of the button copy will likely have disappeared, very sadly. It's the construction that results in the Exit Only arrows being wiped out, since the lanes are moving everywhere.

Passing under the I-17 four-level stack interchange at Exit 23.

There's more of both button copy and HOV lane construction on the north side of Loop 101. First photo is on the frontage road from 19th Ave. at Exit 24.

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