Arizona Roads

The above, courtesy Michael Summa, was on US 160 WB in 1988.

Old US 66
~ Mohave CR 10
~ Shinarump Dr.
~ AZ 66
~ Williams
~ Kaibab National Forest
~ US 180
~ AZ 99
~ Original US 66, Winslow
~ AZ 87
~ Business I-40, Joseph City

Arizona Non-Roads (and more old US 66)

Right: Wine in the desert? Implausibly on AZ 82 WB, west of Whetstone.

Business I-19, Nogales
Business I-40, Joseph City

44th St. (old AZ 153), Phoenix
Buckeye Rd., Phoenix
Sky Harbor Blvd., Phoenix
Golf Links Rd., Tucson
San Xavier Rd., Tucson
Transcon Lane, Winslow
Giss Pkwy., Yuma
US 60
Old US 80, Ocean to Ocean Bridge
US 180

AZ 51
AZ 66
AZ 77
AZ 80
AZ 87
AZ 99
AZ Loop 101
AZ 143
AZ 179
AZ Loop 202
AZ 210
AZ Loop 303

Courtesy Michael Summa, a no-frills sign west of Nogales from 1988. It was southbound on AZ 189, a nice bypass for the traffic that clogs the MX 15-former US 89 crossing.

The other direction on the same route, same person and same year. The bilingual freedom of Arizona lies tantalizingly close, but ALTO! I assume somewhere behind here is an English version.

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