Arkansas Roads - US 65

US 65

All photos are NB.

Combination curve and T sign where US 65 meets US 82/278 at Lake Chicot.

Here's Lake Chicot, an oxbow of the Mississippi River (former bend that became a lake when the river changed course).

Arkansas uses the same number for every airport road.

Two photos from a crowded multiplex, made more complicated by the Great River Road. I-69 is very close to meeting its already-constructed Mississippi leg at this location.

North of Dumas, US 65 shrinks from four lanes down to two until it gets close to Pine Bluff again. That's going to be rectified with all this construction.

As I said above, different airport, same number. It's tough to follow 980.

I-530 begins here as one exit leads to all these routes (carrying the beginning of US 65B, or the business route). The "B" should be vertically centered, but that's a small niggle.

I-530/US 65
I-30 and 30/US 65
I-40 and 40/US 65
AR 365 (old US 65)

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