Alberta Highways - Macleod Trl., Calgary

Macleod Trail, Calgary

These trailblazers start popping up as soon as AB 2A ends at AB 22X, and I don't get it. You'll see why in a moment.

I don't care if this is positionally accurate, you mount this sign vertically. The bridge connects the Canyon Meadows CTrain station to its parking garage on Lake Fraser Dr.

Here's why I didn't get the trailblazers. Taking AB 22X east to AB 2 and then west on AB 8 would be a full freeway route to Sarcee Trail, which hooks up with the freeway section of TCH 1 west of downtown. Straightforward and fast-moving. Instead, Calgary would prefer you slog through the lights on Macleod Trail to here, then face more lights on Anderson Rd. to get over to AB 2 anyway. Sure, this is a shorter distance, but at what cost? You may as well stay on Macleod Trail to AB 8 at this point.

That said, I do fancy the treatment on the north side of Anderson Rd. Here's another pedestrian overpass to another light rail station at Southcentre Mall, and then a themed crossing of the Anderson Rd. ramp to Macleod Trail NB that splits into the mall parking. I shall call you... Mini Bridge.

Continuing north past Heritage Drive to Glenmore Trail. The 2 shield is missing something. The sign is missing two somethings. May never know what.


Glenmore Trail is also known as AB 8. Has been for decades. This SB assembly should provide a couple of AB 8 shields. Also notice the older practice of spacing out the letters of a highway name on a wide guide sign.

I leave you with a closer shot of Calgary, featuring the 190-metre Calgary Tower.

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Actually, I leave you with this photo again, because BUTTON COPY.