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In 2013, Canada Olympic Drive headed south from a signalized intersection at TCH 1 to this faded sign approaching a roundabout. In 2020, TCH 1 has a SPUI interchange here and the sign is gone.

This was on Memorial Dr. EB at the St. George's Zoo exit, but I doubt it lasted much longer.

Clearly still by the zoo, a parade of elephants is held up by the stiff girders of 12th St. NE. You've got me why there are feet and inches on the clearance sign.

Memorial Drive (4-lane arterial) currently ends at Abbeydale Drive (neighborhood street). ROW is preserved for an eastward extension over a railway and AB 201 if suburban growth continues outside the beltway. (Right now, AB 201 is doing a good job of holding it all in.) The "No Access" signs seem silly to me, because, let's see, there's no pavement ahead and there are giant concrete barriers blocking your way. I guess pedestrians could use it to Applewood or Chateau Estates, but are the signs really going to stop them? Who's policing this? Thought so.

Country Hills Blvd. (here WB) has a pair of 2-lane bridges over the railway in the background, but the bridge over Nose Creek appears to be designed for 3 lanes each way by ripping off the concrete in the median. Does this bridge know something the other ones don't?

In 2013, Airport Trail EB ended at Barlow Trail. It no longer ends at Barlow Trail, courtesy of the construction you see here for a new runway at Calgary International Airport. You can see a concrete wall that will support the runway, specifically because Airport Trail now tunnels under it and continues east. For now, it's a 6-lane tunnel to nowhere, ending at 36 St. NE on the other side of the runway. Soon it will all make sense, with an eastward extension across Métis Trail (already built with a partial ghost intersection) into 96 Ave. NE, which has a partial cloverleaf interchange at AB 201. Kinda. The construction ongoing in 2020 will do all that and add the SB-WB ramp toward the airport from AB 201, but otherwise there are only the two existing movements at that interchange: NB-WB and EB-SB. I think there is some demand unaccounted for without at least adding the EB-NB loop, but they won't even do that just yet.

Barlow Trail north from Airport Trail, showing off the future left-turn bay to head under the tunnel. That was somewhat of a waste, because less than 10 years after that was constructed, it's going to be torn up for a full interchange. Airport Trail still won't be a freeway from AB 2 to AB 201, but it'll get rid of this and the signal at 19 St. NE. Everything about this corridor feels like continual baby steps.

Bow River bridges
Elbow River bridges
- Not kidding, the Elbow flows into the Bow.
Macleod Trail
AB 2A, also Macleod Trail
AB 2, Deerfoot Trail
AB 201, Stoney Trail
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