Alberta Highways - AB 93

Photos progress southward and are mostly southbound. I'll point out when they're not.

Most of the shields in Jasper National Park look like the first one - missing the "Alberta" legend on top with no room to provide it. However, a few of them deviate in amusing ways, such as a random green background.

Good thing it's June. I could make a crack here, but fact is, in Canada, you can't even count on a green light in early June in the mountains.

Wait, didn't I just pass this road? There's a second AB 93A loop below the first one that heads down from Jasper. There's also a speed limit with a tilted digit.

Across Poboktan Creek, looking left, then right at Mt. Smythe.

Danger Moose ahead! If you go above 70 km/h they will EXPLODE in a flash of yellow and black. Or you will. Kudos for the realistic, unnecessarily-expensive-to-produce animal.

It looks like a shoulder stopping area is being cleared by Tangle Creek Maintenance Campground so tourists can take in the stellar views (when it's not this foggy). A few kilometres later, rock slope stabilization is fixing up my lane, so I borrow the other one.

How steep is the hill? Something percent. That helps.

This unnamed bridge crosses Nigel Creek by a waterfall in a gorge. Everything here is scenic. I recommend you find the time to hike to the gorge and see the bridge and falls from below.

Remember how I said that there are some amusing shield deviations? Here are a pair for you. The first ones actually wouldn't be so bad if they had the word "Alberta" above and ditched the parks font. (The sign is another story - can Banff's direction be any more ambiguous?) The second... that colour is just special.

Across the North Saskatchewan River just south of AB 11, looking east at Mt. Loudon.

A pair of National Park signs, facing the EB end of the Bow Summit turnoff and then one of my two NB signs on AB 93. You know, I'm kinda glad Mosquito Creek is closed. I wouldn't really want to camp in a place named for mosquitos during the season known for mosquitos.

Junction... what, exactly? Don't leave me hanging! Get it? Hanging? Like the sign? Ha!

Okay, phew, there we go. This is the end of the Icefields Highway. Banff National Park has to do things differently than, but equally weirdly as, Jasper. I'm surprised regular shields are still hanging around. Hanging around! Get it?

After their concurrency (see big link below), AB 93 departs TCH 1. In the old days, TCH 1 followed the road through Castle Junction that is now AB 1A, and AB 93 crossed this bridge over the Bow River to head north to meet it.

The weird shields have gotten greener and greener as I headed south, so of course here is the weirdest of all. Actually, AB used to use outline shields on BGS, so this isn't so terrible. I'm amused that "South" gets translated into French but all of the other words, as place names, remain exclusively in English. (Except Louise. But how about "Lake Louise Lac"?) This faces an unsigned gated road whose purpose I can't ascertain, just south of the eastern TCH 1 interchange along the Banff-Windermere Highway.

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