Alberta Highways - AB 684

All photos were taken heading west from Peace River. I can't call it northbound, because the first part of the route is south and the rest is west.

This is either the first sign on AB 684 or the last one before it.

Looking east from there (remember, I'm heading south), this railway trestle crosses the Heart River behind the valley town of Peace River.

A bunch of old shields and some clarification on the problem. I think what happened here is that from this point, AB 684 heads alternately west and north as it zigzags back to AB 2. AB 740 is exclusively southbound once it crosses the Peace River on the Shaftesbury Ferry, but it's slightly more west than south to that point. So someone decided that therefore, AB 740 is westbound, and since AB 684 is 90 degrees from it, that makes it northbound. The problem is that Peace River is also more north than east from this point, so the whole route of 684 should be signed consistently west to avoid confusion. Then again, this is the province that changes directions on AB 2 every time the road curves from Peace River to AB 64 outside Fairview.

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